About us

  • Our company MB Ąžuolinė Statinė is a result of consistent work and unquenchable interest in the making of oak barrels.

    Each of our barrels is a product of crafty handiwork from finding an oak in the Lithuanian forests, to the final result, delivered to your clients. We do our best to make sure that all of our barrels meet the highest quality standards. We not just produce barrels. The specifications of their making, the subtleties of wood cutting, the preservation under natural conditions, and – of course – barrel toasting peculiarities are our passion. All this to be able to offer an assortment of barrels for keeping and ageing various drinks to enrich them with unique aromas and flavours.

    We also specialise in producing oak barrel furniture, offering an assortment of original and unique tables, bars, chairs, armchairs, cabinets, flower planters, etc. Do you have an idea and need someone to make it happen? We’ll gladly see your wishes coming true!

    Contact us by e-mail info@azuolinestatine.lt or by phone +370 654 823 81

    Also, let’s keep in touch on Facebook at Ąžuolinė Statinė and Instagram – azuoline_statine.lt