Water barrels

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  • A barrel has always been regarded as one of the most durable types of container. Wooden barrels don’t break or crack, and thus they were used both for keeping various liquids at home, on a farm, or industrial premises, and transporting them not only in short distances using a cart, but also taking them over the seas and oceans.

    Barrels are usually used for ageing various drinks. However, we also suggest finding even more ways to use them at your home.

    Used French oak wine barrels have not only preserved their excellent looks, but also quality and tightness. That is what makes them excellent for reuse. These barrels can collect rainwater, store water for your vegetable or flower garden both outside or in your greenhouse, sauna, you can also use them for birch sap, and many other purposes.

    Using barrels for water

    As we’ve already mentioned, used wine barrels can serve a great purpose in the household, especially in gardening and other outdoor works. These barrels can be used as containers for collecting rain water. They are known not only for their high quality, but also durability, and good looks, serving not only practical, but also decorative purpose at your home or homestead. These barrels can also be filled with well or tap water and kept outside for watering vegetables, flower or other plants. The water in the barrel will warm up to outdoor temperature and thus be more suitable for watering plants.

    Using barrels in saunas

    Sauna enthusiasts should definitely try out water barrels. If you don't have a shower or a water pond near your sauna, a barrel of water can be placed right on the porch to be used to wash away the heat with a ladle or a different smaller vessel. Of you can simply climb in and sit down – a barrel fits an average-sized person. If you’re a tougher sauna-goer, you may try filling the barrel with crushed ice or snow.

    Just like all of our products, barrels for water can be produced according to your individual needs. They may be both natural and unstained, or be decorated with painted hoops, varnish or any colour you like. For all questions, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@azuolinestatine.lt or by phone +370 654 823 81.

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