Oak barrel shelves

  • A table-cabinet made of an oak wine barrel
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    Create an original and exclusive interior! 

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    Wine shelf with a tabletop
    Code: lentyna02

    Unique wine shelf with a chess board 

    Price 495  VAT incl.
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  • Oak furniture is probably the sturdiest furniture, appreciated by many. Yet have you seen oak barrel furniture? Shelves made of wine or whiskey barrels are one of our most original pieces. This shelf will truly enhance and become a highlight of your space, whether it’s a terrace, a specialised home entertainment space, a wine cellar, or a café or a bar. Each shelf is produced by our hands and can be adapted to your needs.

    A wine shelf, made of a used wine barrel – could you find anything more fitting to keep your wine? The shelves are made of wine barrel staves as well, making each and every detail authentic.

    The Kamado grill cabinet is made of a used oak whiskey barrel. Whiskey and grill is a truly masculine combination. The cabinet can be made based on all of your wishes, being open-shelved or equipped with a door, with drawers or without.

    Each of our products are fine-tuned in cooperation with our clients. The cabinets can be natural, varnished, impregnated or polished and painted in any colour that fits your interior.

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