Oak whiskey barrel chunks for smoking

  • Oak whiskey barrel chunks for smoking

    Code: kalad01

    Made from authentic american oak  

  • Oak whiskey barrel wood chunks, 450 g.

    These wood chunks are made of American oak whiskey and bourbon barrels. Suitable for use with various grills, they will add a special aroma and a stronger flavour to food, as if merging the sweetness and sharpness of whiskey in your mouth.
    The wood is made of freshly-emptied whiskey and bourbon barrels, so it’s not necessary to soak them, unless your package was left open for a while. You’ll sense the intensive whiskey aroma as soon as you open the bag, as if someone was pouring a glass of whiskey right out of the barrel.
    Use a few (1-2 might be enough) chunks of wood per batch, depending on the intensity of flavour you want to achieve. Great for meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses, etc. to intensify their flavour.

    Keep in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.